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We Accept
PIP (auto-accident), L&I (work injury) claims,
and some health insurance plans.

Have you recently been in a vehicular accident and suffered injuries?


Whiplash and herniated disks are common injuries that can occur from a motor vehicle accident. If you do nothing to address these injuries, they can surface up to six months after the accident. By then, it may be too late.

Fortunately, your auto insurance (personal injury protection) can cover your auto-injury massage therapy visits, up to several times per week with a doctor’s prescription and or a referral.​

Therapeutic massage is used for soft tissue injuries to reduce pain, increase flexibility and speed healing. Treatments include range of motion assessments and a goal-setting plan for maximum improvement.​

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed receipt, also known as a "superbill", with all the information and codes you need for submitting to your insurance company for reimbursement, or to your attorney for your PIP (car accident) case.

Please Note:

  • A referral or prescription is required before scheduling your first appointment per office policy.​​$40 per unit.

  • A unit is equal to 15 minutes of massage.

  • Individual therapist prices may vary.​​ We have different therapists in-network with different insurances, so your insurance will determine which massage therapists you may see.​​

  • We Do Not Accept United Healthcare or Cigna Insurance.​​

  • We Do Not Accept 3rd-party PIP Claims​​

  • You must know your co-insurance/copay amount prior to your first appointment. Call your insurance if you do not know.


In order to get coverage for PIP you will need:


Ensure you have an open claim with your insurance company and a claim number for your own insurance.


Visit your doctor and have your injuries examined and diagnosed.


 Obtain a prescription for medical massage with the diagnosis for us, the frequency of sessions and duration required.



 Make an appointment by phone, text, or email. 

 Bring your prescription along with filling out an intake form before your session.

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